Shade House Notes

Please note that "shade houses" can be purchased assembled or as a kit.

In cases where the shade house is too large to be delivered as an "assembled" item then an "assembly on-site" service and/or a "delivery" service is required.
This service is restricted to within a 150km radius of the nursery at Thornlands (4164), excluding all bay islands.
Please contact the nursery for a quotation for "assembly on-site" and/or "delivery".

The customer's site area needs to be clear and prepared as a level surface before the shade house is delivered if the shade house unit is to be assembled on site or placed in position on the customer's site.

"Shade houses" in assembled or kit form can be picked up from the nursery at Thornlands at no additional cost.

Please allow 7 - 21 days for order completion.


Shade House Series  (dimension profiles)

F series -     width : 3.0m     depth : variable from 1.5m to 6.0m     height : 2.6m

G series -     width : 3.6m     depth : variable from 3.0m to 7.2m     height : 2.55m

H series -     width : 1.8m     depth : variable from 1.2m to 3.0m     height : 2.25m

L series -     width : 2.4m     depth : variable from 1.5m to 4.8m     height : 2.4m

Courthouse  width : 4.0m     depth : 2.4m                                         height : 2.4m       (open walk thru design)


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Shade Houses